How Google sabotaged my SEO plans

I introduced myself just a few days back and had a draft ready for an article about search engine optimization and how you can use it effectively to boost the ranking of your website in search engines. Today morning, I got the shock of my life. Google was reading my mind. While trying to search for something in big `G,’ the complete search phrases appeared even before I could complete them. If Sergey is trying to read my mind, he is in for a big shock, because there is nothing in it.

Jokes apart, all my plans to post an article about SEO went down the drain and I shall have to change quite a few points before posting them over here. From what I have seen so far, individual keywords in articles will no longer be sufficient to push up rankings in the leading search engine. It is too early to predict what course other search engines like Yahoo, and Alexa will take, but the writing is on the wall. Singular keywords seem to be on the way out.

If you promote portable machines that snip hair, it would be wise to use `hair cutter’ as the main keyword instead of using just `cutter’ and `hair’ (we just launched an amazing cutter for your hair). A word of advise to those who specialize in `how to’ articles. You better change your tactics or be prepared to get lost in the labyrinths of the internet. I just searched for the simple term `how to’ and there were just 5 results. Now here is the strange part. I assumed that the results would be displayed alphabetically, but it was not so.

The top result was `how to,’ followed by `how to tie a tie.’ Out of curiosity I typed `a’ and now `how to add fractions’ grabbed the top spot. Can you guess what this means? You had better start using long tailed keywords on your articles if you want them to rank high on search results. It is too early to figure out the exact algorithm that Google is presently employing, and how it will affect the search engine preparations for articles and web pages, but I shall spend some time throughout the week to scrape whatever information I can.

Before I part, I would like to thank all of you who have been generous enough to go through these lines. English being my second language, there are bound to be spelling and grammatical mistakes in my articles. I would request you to point them out to me so that I can improve on my writing skills. My aim is to educate myself and educate you with whatever I learn. Simultaneously, I would also request you to help me learn about the intricacies of search engines. I am sure that Sonali is also reading this article in some remote part of the world. If she is, I’d like her to know that I miss her mesmerizing smile.

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Musings of an Indian content writer

Dear fellow writers of articles, content, blogs, and what not, this being my first WordPress blog, I guess I had better introduce myself to you first. I first saw the rays of sunshine, in the year 1954, courtesy a beautiful German nurse. There is nothing worth boasting about as far as my education is concerned, so I shall not bore you with that (I really wish online sales letters too would follow suit and stop boring others).

While on my way to my friend’s house, a pretty girl, traveling in the same bus as me, caught my eyesight. Her charming smile confirmed that she had formed a liking for me. After a few moments, she asked if I was on the lookout for a job and on my confirming in the positive, requested me to follow her when she got down. I would have been an idiot had I not done so, and you would have missed out the opportunity of reading this silly introduction.

The glamour of the advertising world fascinated me and, as I found out later on, the book in my hand attracted her more than my looks. For the past 3 months, prior to meeting her, I had been carrying `Ogilvy on Advertising’ along with me, wherever I went, and used to religiously read that book whenever I got the time. I later found out that this charming angel was the chief executive of, a leading international ad agency. It seems she had seen the passion in my eyes regarding that book. To be honest, at that moment I cared two hoots about Benson Ogilvy (the author of the book), for reasons that are obvious.

To cut short a long story, I refused her offer, we remained good friends though, and I launched my photo-typesetting company. I remained associated with the advertising industry for twenty long years in the capacity of a professional typographer. Well, I used to meet her every week. Though the advertising industry is full of sweet girls, none of them came close to the bewitching looks of Sonali. Her sensuous smile, her captivating eyes… sigh!

Bored by online articles that contained grammatical and spelling mistakes, I decided that the best way to mint money nowadays was by boring others with articles. This bright idea occurred to me approximately 2 years ago, and since then, there has been no looking back. Neither am I surprised when others shower bouquets on me, nor am I offended by the brickbats, occasionally thrown at me by the saccharine girls from advertising agencies (no `sugary girls,’ mind you, nowadays they treasure their figure a lot and dread diabetes much more}.

This blog will contain my experiences of the content industry along with related hints and tricks. Though I might discuss about other captivating things, my focus will be more on the writing industry. I shall discuss with you whether spinners (article spinning programs) deliver justice to articles converted by them or not. I shall also discuss about other search engine optimization (SEO) technologies.

With your active participation, we shall discuss which hat you prefer to wear, white or black (Sonali had such beautiful & long tresses; hats would have been an injustice to them), and about PR (I am talking about `Page Ranking’ and not `Public Relations), and many other interesting things… none as interesting as her, though.

If you have managed to read until here, then please post your comments. Please do not hesitate, even if it means throwing brickbats at me. Thanks in advance for subscribing to this post (do not ask me how to). Do not blame me if you miss special posts in the future, containing information of the best freelancing sites and blogs, just because you did not subscribe.

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