I guess it is time that the SEO in me surfaced

It has been nearly three years since I delved into content writing. To be frank, I even do not have my own domain and am using the advantages of a free website provider to host a bit of information about my rates. I accept that the quality of my writing is not as good as that of others, but I always attempt to provide the best to my clients at reasonable prices. There are occasions when individuals question me whether I am willing to write search engine optimized articles for half-a-dollar per 500 words.

Knowing not whether to laugh or cry at them, I just ignore them. What is amazing is that many people who undertake work at those rates. Obviously, the quality suffers and more often than not, they copy the entire text from another website in its entirety. These writers charge the entire sum upfront and the purchaser cannot do anything against them. I also charge upfront, but until date, my image remains untarnished.

The truth be told, I am not an expert in all niches. You can check out the quality of my work on Ezine and over here on this blog. If you so want, you can check out the rates on my simple website.


About parsibagan

I was born to make others smile. Was in the advertising industry in the capacity of a typographer for nearly 2 decades. Am the pioneer of the phototypesetting industry in Eastern India. Just graduated from a grandfather to a grandfather a few days back.
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2 Responses to I guess it is time that the SEO in me surfaced

  1. tracilords says:

    CSL told me she misses you. And emma is crying a river because she couldn’t find you when she was on a flying visit a few weeks ago. Yum left the boat for good as it looks like…and uncle kay still holds the flag high.
    I still indulge in reminiscences at times…. especially at weekends… you know…the time when WE rocked the technical support channel. Wish I could turn back time… sigh…

    With best regards from a friend “hugs”


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