A content writer should never undervalue his or her work

Securing a toehold in the article writing industry is a tough job indeed, especially for newcomers. The tall demands of the client confuse most of them and they are doubtful whether they will be able to meet the expectations. Here is a small example of an intimidating post. “We need a native English writer with an excellent grasp of the English language for writing articles in various niches. The incumbent should be fluent both in written as well as in spoken English. There should be no grammatical mistakes or any spelling errors. All submissions will be checked by copyscape.”

There seems to be nothing wrong about the post until now apart from the `native’ part. Now here comes the blockbuster. The pay scale is somewhere in the range of $1 per 500 words. What is amazing is that people do accept such jobs. There is no way that a writer can make a decent monthly income at such rates. If you love writing and you are confident about your work, the least you should charge is $5 per 500 words. Many clients will pay those rates for a properly written article.

Your first task should to be to build up your profile. This is nothing apart from a blog that displays your work. In the next article, I will include tips on how to set up a blog both in the blogger and wordpress format. Write a few articles on niches that you are familiar with and post them in your blogs. Check your text carefully for any errors before posting them online. This is extremely important. The best way to proceed is to enroll in a number of online forums that also deal with content writing.

Do not try to hurry. Spend a few days studying the ads of others who are also seeking writing jobs. Take this opportunity to study ads posted by those who are seeking writers. Reply to a few of them and include a link to your profile. Do not get disheartened if you do not receive bank a reply. Just have faith in yourself and keep on pegging away and eventually you shall meet with success. Avoid those who are offering a pittance in return for your hard labor. Those people do not know the value of work.

You can be rest assured that they will never get quality work in exchange for the monetary consideration that they are offering. Do not confuse yourself with the terms SEO (search engine optimization) now. If you are proficient in writing, it shall not be too difficult for you to write appealing articles. At the same time including the keywords within the text in such a manner so that they gel with the rest of the words in the sentence.

Do not attempt to write long sentences because that is the sure way of committing mistakes. If you are using `Microsoft Word’ for composing your articles, check out for the errors pointed out by the program and rectify them. I shall try to help you as much as possible in my future articles. Do not worry if you do not meet with success immediately. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.


About parsibagan

I was born to make others smile. Was in the advertising industry in the capacity of a typographer for nearly 2 decades. Am the pioneer of the phototypesetting industry in Eastern India. Just graduated from a grandfather to a grandfather a few days back.
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  1. Ruby says:

    Thanks a million for the nice tips. 🙂

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