SEO is related to SBM

Believe me or not but, learning more about seo is easy, when you understand about your SBM (smooth bowel movements). For the past few days, I have had experienced many problems with my daily morning restroom tasks. I had to struggle a lot in order to empty my bowels and just when it felt that the task was completed, the telltale rumbling in the tummy would begin again, forcing me to waste more time in the lavatory. If this was not sufficient to drive me crazy, the behavior of the latest purchased link promotion software was also driving me crazy. It was not working as promised.

The software would work for some time and then go on the blink, forcing me to terminate it and launch it again. This is exactly what I was doing in the restroom with the only difference being that I was using a tissue paper to terminate this process. My dietary choices should not have been the issue because I only eat branded foods that are advertised worldwide through various medias, including the internet. The launching of a brand new food product, a few days back, had ignited my interest and, being the glutton that I am, I purchased a week’s supply of the same.

I am mentioning this because that purchase relates with the rest of the story. Unwilling to waste more time on any of the above tasks, I decided to consult a dietician and later on get in touch with the helpdesk of the organization from whom I had purchased the erratic software. I was not expecting the sharp rebuke I received from the dietician. I had provided her with a list of foods that I ate recently and she was able to identify the culprit immediately.

The brand new processed food that I had gladly purchased, contained a healthy amount of saturated fatty acids that are not good for the health. They also cause indigestion and can cause stiff bowel movements too. The website promoting that processed food claimed otherwise. However, I was not going to argue about that to the dietician. I learnt a lesson that day, albeit a harsh one. Never judge a product by its ads and this also true for seo programs and utilities. Never judge them by their ads and the testimonials on the website promoting them.

These testimonials can be true, but the webmaster can rig them up too. There are various types of seo optimization programs available on the net… some are scripted for specific tasks, whereas others can perform multiple tasks. Evaluate your requirements before purchasing a new program, just because you feel like it and because the price is too good to believe. I wanted to compile a list of these programs for your perusal right now. However, my tummy is rumbling, and the brand new `speed-o-link’ program has stopped functioning. My neighbor classifies them as rectum failure and memory failure, respectively. I shall get back to you next week.

If you are suffering from obesity related problems, here are some hints to help you burn fat fast.


About parsibagan

I was born to make others smile. Was in the advertising industry in the capacity of a typographer for nearly 2 decades. Am the pioneer of the phototypesetting industry in Eastern India. Just graduated from a grandfather to a grandfather a few days back.
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3 Responses to SEO is related to SBM

  1. Joel says:

    Wow. Just when you thought you had read everything about SEO, along comes something like this. Long live the World Wild Web.

  2. How come so many SEO workers come in Pakistan?
    They are the most common ones anyway
    Shared this to my Twitter, very good!

    • parsibagan says:

      Thanks for appreciating and sharing this old post. Optimization methods have changed a long since then with the huge growth of social networks, video ads and much more. However, I could not understand what you wanted to convey in your first sentence: “How come so many SEO workers come in Pakistan?” Could you clarify that please. Cheers.

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