Huge Discount on The Best Spinner for a Limited Time

BOOKMARK this page NOW!!! If you have been following my posts, you might have noted that I referred to The Best Spinner a couple of times. However, many people used to shy away from purchasing it, stating that it was extremely costly. Those who use this program know about its power and acknowledge that it is undoubtedly the best spinning program available on the market. It is about time that you too joined the exclusive group of people who are using this program and are making full value out of it.

Backlinks are an extremely vital tool in the armory of an internet marketer. The best way to gain quality backlinks is through authoritative article directories. However, it is extremely tough and costly as well to get hundreds of articles written on a regular basis. You can get over this problem with the help of this nifty tool. Just write one article on your niche and use the powers of this program to generate hundreds of unique articles. In case you do not possess the expertise to write the seed article, I shall do it for you.

When The Best Spinner was originally launched, it was priced at $47. Nowadays it costs $7 for a single week’s trial, afterwards $77 per year. The latest version of this program is scheduled to be launched on October 1. It will contain a number of nifty new features that make this powerful tool even more powerful. To celebrate this event, the developers are offering you a whopping discount. You now have the option of purchasing the same for just $47. Yes, this means you pay only $47 instead of $84 for the first year.

However, this offer is limited for the first week of October. Bookmark this page today, revisit anytime between the October 1-7, and purchase your copy of this awesome tool. For further details, follow the link below. Bookmark this page lest you forget.

You can avail of this special offer by clicking here (between October 1-7)

P.S.: I was unable to update this blog on a regular basis. However, from now on, I shall try to make a post every week so that you can share my knowledge. Your feedbacks are appreciated since I also want you to share your knowledge along with the other readers of this blog.

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I guess it is time that the SEO in me surfaced

It has been nearly three years since I delved into content writing. To be frank, I even do not have my own domain and am using the advantages of a free website provider to host a bit of information about my rates. I accept that the quality of my writing is not as good as that of others, but I always attempt to provide the best to my clients at reasonable prices. There are occasions when individuals question me whether I am willing to write search engine optimized articles for half-a-dollar per 500 words.

Knowing not whether to laugh or cry at them, I just ignore them. What is amazing is that many people who undertake work at those rates. Obviously, the quality suffers and more often than not, they copy the entire text from another website in its entirety. These writers charge the entire sum upfront and the purchaser cannot do anything against them. I also charge upfront, but until date, my image remains untarnished.

The truth be told, I am not an expert in all niches. You can check out the quality of my work on Ezine and over here on this blog. If you so want, you can check out the rates on my simple website.

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My New seo Client

Recently I came across a new client who was willing to pay me a decent sum of money per article. It took us a couple of days to iron things out before beginning to work. However, I was flabbergasted when I received his first assignment. He told me to write an article on `engines.’ Like the fool that I am, I wrote a technical article on the basics of engines, their discovery and by whom plus how they evolved over the years. In case I forgot to mention, the client had requested to complete the article within 250 words.

Those who are conversant with writing articles will well understand my dilemma. Writing even a short article on `engines’ requires a minimum of 1,000 words. However, if one cuts across corners, they can try to synopsize the same in 500 words, but 250 words… no way. However, since he was a new client and had paid me the money in advance, I decided to complete the task in as concise a manner as possible.

Oh, yes! He also requested that the keyword density should be 5%. I know that you are cursing me and thinking that I am fibbing. Well, it is a fact that I am not stating the truth. However, I have come across many types of clients in the three odd years that I have spent as a writer. Some of them have been quite good and the others not so good, whereas a number of them were horrible.

They are intermediaries who do not understand anything about content writing. They just bid for jobs on article bidding sites and pick up bulk orders. Then they break up each bulk order into small pieces and pass them on to their panel of writers. If the writer has any questions, there is no answer from them. At best, you can expect them to say `just do it in the best way you think fit.

My imaginary experiences were just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. After a week I received a mail from the client stating that he wanted an article on `search engines.’ According to him, I should have fathomed that part myself. According to him, in this era, nobody bothers for real engines. Search engines are the hottest topics. I would love to see his face if his car gets stuck in the middle of an empty highway, due to a faulty `engine.’

This is just my way of telling you about the pitfalls that you might fall into when writing articles, especially those used for search engine optimization of any website.

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It is Quite Easy to Improve SEO of Your Website

It is quite easy to improve seo just by following the basic rules and algorithms set by the search engines. Things have changed a lot since the distant past when one could fool search engines by stuffing their landing page (index page) with hundreds of repetitions of the same search phrase. However, that era has gone for good. Nowadays a webmaster needs to follow quite a number of rules to improve seo of their websites.

Initially, they need to research and find out the main keyword that is best suited for their niche. Then they have to find out other keywords that are directly associated with the main keyword. The second part is the most challenging and at the same time, the most rewarding, if properly implemented.

Search for any keyword and chances are that you will find that `Wikipedia’ is among the top three search results. Have you ever tried to understand what differentiates them from the rest of the bunch? Check out any one of their sites, and you shall find that there are many keywords and key-phrases, related to the main keyword. For example if you check out the Wiki page that defines shoes, you will discover various keywords that are directly related to the term `shoe,’ like `footwear’ and `foot.’ As you proceed through the article, you will discover many other terms like `high heels,’ `boots,’ `leather,’ and much more.

This is what increases their value both in the eyes of the search engine as well as that of the reader. If you are on the lookout for secondary and tertiary keywords for your main keyword, just do a search for the same on `Wiki.’ You also have to employ other techniques to improve seo of your website.

Backlinks are one of the most important tools in the armory of the webmaster. Backlinks from websites that are of the related niches and boast of a high page rank (PR) play an important part in drawing traffic to your website. If required, get in touch with the webmaster of any such site and request that you want to exchange links with them. If you are lucky enough, they might consider your case.

You should never let your website remain static. Keep on adding new and relevant content to make visitors return time and over again. Just follow these basics if you want to improve seo of your website.

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Get the Latest Search Engine Optimization Programs for Free

This is an excellent opportunity for you and is something that you should not miss. However, you need to act fast before the others find out. The simple reason is that when the administrators operating the servers of sites hosting those programs find out about this trick, they will block the loophole that took someone over a year to discover. However, do not leak out this secret to others for the same reasons mentioned above.

Most probably, you are a member of various online forums that specialize in SEO. You might have wanted to get your hands on the latest programs and tricks that the internet gurus release from time to time… only to be disappointed by their price. The author of this article was in the same league and he too wanted to get his hands on those juicy tit-bits. Please bear in mind that what you are going to commit is not piracy and hence you can undertake it legally without any pinches in your conscience.

You might be wondering why this information is being released on public article directories where anyone can see it and use it, correct? Well the fact is that the author is not an agent of the individuals or organizations scripting those programs and writing those valuable e-books. He can use the programs on his own PC and it makes no difference to him if he shares the details with the others. However, he has a certain reason for sharing this news with you. We shall come to those details in just a few minutes.

You shall not believe it, but those programs can make life extremely easy for you, especially if you are an internet marketer. Some of the programs are so awesome that they can reveal to you the exact keywords that your rivals are using. Those programs also explain how you can go one up on your rivals and beat them at their own game. If this is not enough, yet another program will help you to find out the most profitable niches and will even guide you on how to earn hundreds of dollars per week.

To be frank with you, you can earn much than that, but it takes time and experience, which you lack. Else, you would not be reading this article to find out how to get programs and study materials worth tens of thousands of dollars for no cost. Let me tell you one thing before you proceed further. I have used some simple loopholes that were always there in the marketing industry and in search engines to reach this far. I shall not reveal all the programs and study materials at one go. If I did that, you would never come back to read my articles again and this is something that I want.

If you have read till here, it means that you were interested in this article. I am sure that you now understand the capabilities of a simple, yet powerfully worded and titled article. There are many things that you can get free, including software to build a massive base of backlinks, but, if you want to become a real professional and want to earn big bucks like them, you need to invest a bit yourself. As far as writing articles is concerned, it is all about grabbing the attention of the viewer and to make them read it until the very end. It is not as tough as you might think, especially if you know the power of phrases like `get for free.’


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A content writer should never undervalue his or her work

Securing a toehold in the article writing industry is a tough job indeed, especially for newcomers. The tall demands of the client confuse most of them and they are doubtful whether they will be able to meet the expectations. Here is a small example of an intimidating post. “We need a native English writer with an excellent grasp of the English language for writing articles in various niches. The incumbent should be fluent both in written as well as in spoken English. There should be no grammatical mistakes or any spelling errors. All submissions will be checked by copyscape.”

There seems to be nothing wrong about the post until now apart from the `native’ part. Now here comes the blockbuster. The pay scale is somewhere in the range of $1 per 500 words. What is amazing is that people do accept such jobs. There is no way that a writer can make a decent monthly income at such rates. If you love writing and you are confident about your work, the least you should charge is $5 per 500 words. Many clients will pay those rates for a properly written article.

Your first task should to be to build up your profile. This is nothing apart from a blog that displays your work. In the next article, I will include tips on how to set up a blog both in the blogger and wordpress format. Write a few articles on niches that you are familiar with and post them in your blogs. Check your text carefully for any errors before posting them online. This is extremely important. The best way to proceed is to enroll in a number of online forums that also deal with content writing.

Do not try to hurry. Spend a few days studying the ads of others who are also seeking writing jobs. Take this opportunity to study ads posted by those who are seeking writers. Reply to a few of them and include a link to your profile. Do not get disheartened if you do not receive bank a reply. Just have faith in yourself and keep on pegging away and eventually you shall meet with success. Avoid those who are offering a pittance in return for your hard labor. Those people do not know the value of work.

You can be rest assured that they will never get quality work in exchange for the monetary consideration that they are offering. Do not confuse yourself with the terms SEO (search engine optimization) now. If you are proficient in writing, it shall not be too difficult for you to write appealing articles. At the same time including the keywords within the text in such a manner so that they gel with the rest of the words in the sentence.

Do not attempt to write long sentences because that is the sure way of committing mistakes. If you are using `Microsoft Word’ for composing your articles, check out for the errors pointed out by the program and rectify them. I shall try to help you as much as possible in my future articles. Do not worry if you do not meet with success immediately. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

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SEO is related to SBM

Believe me or not but, learning more about seo is easy, when you understand about your SBM (smooth bowel movements). For the past few days, I have had experienced many problems with my daily morning restroom tasks. I had to struggle a lot in order to empty my bowels and just when it felt that the task was completed, the telltale rumbling in the tummy would begin again, forcing me to waste more time in the lavatory. If this was not sufficient to drive me crazy, the behavior of the latest purchased link promotion software was also driving me crazy. It was not working as promised.

The software would work for some time and then go on the blink, forcing me to terminate it and launch it again. This is exactly what I was doing in the restroom with the only difference being that I was using a tissue paper to terminate this process. My dietary choices should not have been the issue because I only eat branded foods that are advertised worldwide through various medias, including the internet. The launching of a brand new food product, a few days back, had ignited my interest and, being the glutton that I am, I purchased a week’s supply of the same.

I am mentioning this because that purchase relates with the rest of the story. Unwilling to waste more time on any of the above tasks, I decided to consult a dietician and later on get in touch with the helpdesk of the organization from whom I had purchased the erratic software. I was not expecting the sharp rebuke I received from the dietician. I had provided her with a list of foods that I ate recently and she was able to identify the culprit immediately.

The brand new processed food that I had gladly purchased, contained a healthy amount of saturated fatty acids that are not good for the health. They also cause indigestion and can cause stiff bowel movements too. The website promoting that processed food claimed otherwise. However, I was not going to argue about that to the dietician. I learnt a lesson that day, albeit a harsh one. Never judge a product by its ads and this also true for seo programs and utilities. Never judge them by their ads and the testimonials on the website promoting them.

These testimonials can be true, but the webmaster can rig them up too. There are various types of seo optimization programs available on the net… some are scripted for specific tasks, whereas others can perform multiple tasks. Evaluate your requirements before purchasing a new program, just because you feel like it and because the price is too good to believe. I wanted to compile a list of these programs for your perusal right now. However, my tummy is rumbling, and the brand new `speed-o-link’ program has stopped functioning. My neighbor classifies them as rectum failure and memory failure, respectively. I shall get back to you next week.

If you are suffering from obesity related problems, here are some hints to help you burn fat fast.

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